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Our Mission


Christian Life Coaches

Our Mission...

Is to provide a faith-centered, web-based network of Christian coaches who partner with organizations, communities, and ministries to strengthen the lives of their people by identifying and overcoming barriers that limit growth.

Our Passion...

Is to create a place where people can find clarity of purpose, experience hope, strengthen resilience, develop life skills, and increase productivity. The transformation process of coaching affects more than the client, it can produce life changing transformation that impacts their families, businesses and faith communities.

How is coaching different from counseling or therapy?

Challenges are something we all face. Some of those challenges are best navigated with the help of a psychologist, psychiatrist, or therapist.  However, not all situations require that deep level therapy. Sometimes we just need the alliance and partnership of a professional life coach to help us see things differently and get different results. Visioneer Coaches, LLC offers strategic support to help facilitate breakthroughs, promote growth, and increase overall wellbeing for individuals and families. 

The Power of Coaching

As the Founder and Director of Visioneer Coaches, LLC, I wanted to share my heart behind this mission and vision to create a network of professional coaches that support clients that are truly ready for positive change. It doesn’t matter if that desired change is big or small, personally or professionally, we are here to help them get clear on what they want, build a road map to get there, and help them move that desire forward until they... 

Transform the Vision Into Reality. 

I can attest personally and professionally to how coaching has been a powerful partnership that has helped me grow more than I ever would’ve on my own. It has given me the awareness, clarity, and courage to challenge beliefs that were limiting my potential and the courage to step into the unknown.  After years of being coached, I decided to become a coach! Hands down, it has been one the most rewarding experiences.  As a Certified Professional Life Coach, coming alongside people, challenging mindsets, stepping into uncertainty together, and watching people bring their ideas and desires into reality has been a blessing. 

Why Choose a Visioneer Coach?

Visioneer Coaches, LLC provides a trusted brand of certified coaches that serve a wide variety of coaching expertise that support our clients personally, professionally, relationally, emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually. Our professional coaches were hand picked based on their training and real life experience in these areas. Our coaches are skilled at helping clients think through the process of change, uncover mindsets that are holding them back, and inspiring the courage to trust their own ability to achieve what has felt out of reach. The coaching profession has become one of the fastest growing industries because of the power to transform circumstances through awareness, hope, vision, confidence, and motivation, while decreasing stress, conflict, overwhelm, and gridlock. Coaching is transforming lives.


Let us partner with you, your teams, families, organization, or faith-based community and help people reach their next level of potential.

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